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The Indianapolis mesothelioma attorneys at George & Farinas, LLP like to keep all of our clients and website visitors up to date on all of the latest news that we find to be relevant and informative. This could include updates about any newly passed legislation or exciting firm news related to mesothelioma or asbestos-related disease. Although rare, mesothelioma has impacted the lives of many unfortunate victims, and as a firm, we have made it our goal to pursue rightful compensation for those that have been forced to endure unnecessary pain and suffering as a result.

More than 2,000 cases of asbestos-related mesothelioma are diagnosed each year in the United States, and although this is a relatively small amount, the consequences can be devastating. As a result, George & Farinas, LLP is a firm that had dedicated our time to advocating for the rights of all affected victims. Contact an Indiana asbestos lawyer for answers to your questions and concerns.

Indiana & Federal Legislative and Legal Update on Workers’ Rights for Jobsite Injuries & Toxic Exposures

Helping You Educate Your Members About Important Legal, Health & Safety Issues

How can we prevent Congress & the Indiana Legislature from passing legislation that threatens the rights of Union workers, Veterans, and their families? At George & Farinas, LLP, we remain active, informed, involved, and persistent with legal matters regarding the rights of union workers. Our attorneys want to keep you updated and educated so that you know your rights and how to take action when necessary.

Stay Informed – Update on New Bill

Through extensive efforts of the Trial Lawyers Lobbying efforts, there is now a bipartisan bill to protect families and workers from 90 toxic substances. The bill was originally called the Lautenberg Chemical Safety for 21st Century Act sponsored by Republicans. While original bill made efforts to update the permissible limits for 90 substances to confirm with current science, it eliminated injured victims rights to bring actions against those who exposed them.

The new bi-partisan bill makes the following updates:

  • Adds and additional $7MIL to the EPA to fund enforcement
  • Updates and regulates 90 toxic substances
  • Preserves an injured person’s right to sue to exposures
  • Adds additional provisions to protect the most vulnerable, pregnant women, children and chemical workers


“Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency” - Destroys the privacy of asbestos victims who filed claims for their injuries.

George & Farinas, LLP’s Involvement in Legislation

Our attorneys remain active and involved in legislative processes that affect union workers and their families. Recently, we have played a role in numerous bills, legislative sessions, and meetings where we have had the opportunity to make a difference and work toward change.

Some of our recent legislative activities include:

  • Brutal Legislative Session!
  • 37 Bills with Anti-Civil Justice & Pro-Tort Reform language
  • Met with Indiana Congressmen about pending bills & educated them on the impact to our clients.
  • Prevent inclusion of detrimental language in FACT ACT & TSCA.
  • Heading back to Washington soon


“Toxic Substances Control Act” - Denies those injured by toxic substances their right to recovery.

Our Persistence Makes the Difference

On Monday, October 5th, 2015, the Indiana Supreme Court heard oral arguments in two George & Farinas cases.

  • Deceased Mesothelioma Victim, Ray Geyman – factory worker at the Clifty Creek Powerhouse in Madison County, Indiana.
  • Living Mesothelioma Victim, Larry Myers, IBEW #153.

Our attorneys asked the Court to hold the Indiana Statute of Repose as it applies to latent diseases, UNCONSTITUIONAL.

A Growing Concern

We aware of a rise in adverse actions, such as lay-offs and terminations against employees who raise health and safety concerns on jobsites. Protecting worker safety and awareness is critical to reducing workplace injuries and illness. If this has happened to you or someone you know after raising jobsite safety issues or reporting an offense to OSHA, please call us.

Share your stories with us – we want to help!

George & Farinas, LLP, wants to stay involved with all issues and matters that are important to labor laws. If you or a loved one are facing issues with employment or feel like your rights are being violated, we’re ready to help.

We handle a wide array of labor safety law cases including:

  • Common Construction Wage
  • Right to Work
  • Public Pensions
  • Increasing the Minimum Wage

For more information or to gain legal advocacy, call our Indiana attorneys today.

Federal report highlights concerns at Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration

A federal report released this week highlights concerns after authorities launched an investigation at Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA) last year. Findings include mishandling of complaints, inhibited investigations, and discouraged whistleblowers. The organization has struggled with inadequate staffing for years and has one of the lowest funding levels in the nation. However, this report suggest the problems plagued by Indiana’s workplace safety agency could put the safety of Hoosier workers in jeopardy. Experts who reviewed the report at the Indianapolis Star’s request say problems outlined in the report are indicative of a state that prioritizes a business-friendly environment and sees regulation as a potential impediment to economic growth.

George & Farinas is aware of a rise in adverse actions, such as lay-offs and terminations against employees who raise health and safety concerns on jobsites. Promoting worker safety and awareness is critical to reducing workplace injuries and illnesses. If this has happened to you after raising jobsite safety issues or reporting an offense to OSHA, please contact our office to further discuss your experience.

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