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"Disclaimer: George & Farinas client’s statements and stories are for informational purposes only, and though we are proud of our record, each legal issue and lawsuit or claim contain their own unique merits. Past performance does not guarantee future results.”

"On September 28, 2016, a unanimous panel of the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled in favor of George & Farinas clients Larry and Loa Myers. At issue was what duties, if any, premise owners owe to contractors injured on their property."

Larry was an electrician exposed to asbestos at various jobsites in Northern Indiana. After Larry was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a terminal cancer caused by asbestos, the Myers filed a lawsuit alleging certain premises owners and manufacturers of asbestos products were responsible for Larry’s asbestos exposures. The Myers filed claims against the premises owners stating that they owed a duty to Larry because; (1) their employees exposed Larry to asbestos, (2) other independent contractors hired by the property owners exposed Larry to asbestos, and (3) their properties presented a dangerous condition due to the asbestos already present in the facilities to which Larry was exposed.

The Court of Appeals found all three arguments were valid under Indiana law. It held Premise Owners are responsible for the negligence of their employees. It also ruled a Premise Owner can be liable for a contractor’s negligence, when that contractor’s work is likely to cause injury unless due precautions are taken. Finally, the Court of Appeals found that because Larry was not hired to address the companies’ asbestos issues, the Myers had asserted a valid claim for the dangerous conditions on their premises.

-Todd Barnes, George & Farinas, LLP, regarding Indiana Court of Appeals Decision, September 28, 2016

"After years of work on this issue, it is with great pride in all of those involved that we can finally say -- you can sue the manufacturers of the deadly products that kill our clients once again in Indiana."

"On March 2, 2016, the Indiana Supreme Court held 3-2 that the IPLA Statute of Repose is unconstitutional where an inherently dangerous product causes disease that cannot be diagnosed within the 10 year repose period. This is a monumental decision for asbestos cases and other toxic torts in IN. Our firm never stopped fighting for the rights of our clients or the thousands of others in Indiana who are still being exposed to asbestos today. Giving up and abandoning Indiana would have been the easy thing to do and we chose not to take the easy road. All of us at George & Farinas want to thank our clients, the Geyman and Myers families, for trusting in us and believing in our ability to represent them through the Appeal. Never losing sight of their importance kept us focused on the end goal and pushed all of us to always do more."

-Linda George & Kathy Farinas, George & Farinas, LLP, regarding Indiana Supreme Court Decision, March 2, 2016

“George and Farinas has never let me down."

They keep me informed, they are in constant contact and they never failed to be there when I need them. They continually updated me of the cases. Whether it was to a deposition or meetings Kathy [Farinas] sat next to me never failing to have my best interest at heart and what I wanted to seek justice for.... Families suffer every day because of this evil disease. If there’s a way to make that journey less painful, it’s George and Farinas I choose to be my navigator and receive that justice that my family is due. “

- Deb, Bloomington, IN, daughter & sister of asbestos disease clients

“Losing a loved one is hard enough and George & Farinas stood by my side through it all. They saw justice was served. I would not have trusted any other firm to do it.”

- John, Henderson, KY, husband of mesothelioma client

“I count my blessings. Including meeting and being associated with George & Farinas.“

“My husband and I met Linda [George] about nine years ago. My husband had been diagnosed with mesothelioma but was hesitant in pursuing legal action. We decided to trust [Linda] and [Kathy] and never regretted it. Their thorough research and actions resulted in compensation much higher than anticipated. They and their staff always treated my husband with honor and respect. Their attendance at his funeral was greatly appreciated....I miss my husband so much and believe if not for this insidious illness he would have been with us much longer. Whenever compensation for his disease is received, I feel he is watching over me. I count my blessings. Including meeting and being associated with George & Farinas.

- Mary, Madison, IN, wife of mesothelioma client

I would highly recommend George & Farinas to anyone needing legal help..."

“[Despite] the fact we were in Evansville and they are in Indianapolis, they were very helpful accommodating our trips to Indy. I would highly recommend George & Farinas to anyone needing legal help, especially with Mesothelioma lawsuits.”

- Harold, Evansville, IN, father of mesothelioma client

"I could not ever ask for any better help and information I have received. They are the best!"

“When I found out I had asbestos related injuries, I called my union representative. They gave me the name of George & Farinas. I could not ever ask for any better help and information I have received. They are the best!

- John, New Richmond, OH, asbestos disease client

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