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Indiana Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision for Asbestos Victims

After years of hard work on this issue, it is with great pride we can finally say victims of asbestos disease have equal rights in Indiana. Yesterday the Indiana Supreme Court held 3-2 that the IPLA Statute of Repose is unconstitutional where an inherently dangerous product causes disease that cannot be diagnosed within the 10 year repose period. This is a monumental decision for asbestos cases and other toxic torts in Indiana. Our firm never stopped fighting for the rights of our clients or the thousands of others in Indiana who are still being exposed to asbestos today. Giving up and abandoning Indiana would have been the easy thing to do and we chose not to take the easy road. Thank you to our clients for trusting in our ability to represent them. Never losing sight of our clients’ importance kept us focused on the end goal and pushed all of us to always do more. Lesson to take away--Never give up if the fight you are fighting is true and just.

To read the full decision click here: /documents/Order.pdf