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HR 1215 Protects Corporations from Negligence & Caps Damage Recoveries - STOP IT!

Calling All Clients & Friends of George & Farinas, LLP

Your Help & Action is Needed RIGHT NOW!

Our team at George & Farinas, LLP recently contacted you about several problematic bills currently working their way through Congress. If these bills are passed and ratified, each would either greatly reduce or eliminate the rights of injured persons in order to favor large corporations and the insurance industry. One such bill is scheduled for a vote on Thursday, June 15th, 2017 – that is this Thursday! We really need your help to stop this bill in its tracks!

Stop H.R. 1215, the Protecting Access to Care Act

HR 1215 is sweeping legislation that will limit the ability of anyone receiving benefits from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Medicare, or Medicaid to sue physicians, even for wrongful death and ethical violations such as sexual assault. Medical device and drug manufacturers that introduce failed, defective, and dangerous products to the markets will also be protected under HR 1215. Additionally, the bill imposes damage caps lower than any state presently has allowed, proposing the drop the cap down to just $250,000, regardless of the number of parties or damages. Not only does this bill reduce your rights as individuals, it also greatly infringes upon each State’s right to pass laws and protect their citizens.

Why Stopping HR 1215 & Similar Bills is Important to You

Bills like HR 1215 will impair the ability of injured persons to sue physicians for malpractice, and drug and device companies for failed products. It will also cap damages for these injuries, regardless of the severity of the injury, and for no clear benefit other than to support corporations and insurance companies from being held accountable for wrongdoing. Essentially, nearly all working men and women will have their rights denied if this bill and others like it are approved. Passage of this bill will be a windfall to the insurance industry, and will lead to greatly reduced accountability from negligent doctors and health care providers. Overall, it would be a losing situation for the average American.

We Only Need 3 Minutes of Your Time!

We need all of you to send a strong message to Congress by firmly telling your representative to vote “no” on H.R. 1215. Take Justice Back is a website that will help you make a difference and fight back against this one-sided bill. This site has an online tool that will allow you to automatically write to your Congress representatives. It also provides talking points that will help you explain why you full-heartedly believe that representatives should strongly oppose this bill.

We have provided the link to this great site below. On average, it takes less than 3 minutes to complete the petition and send a letter to both your House and Senate Congress members.

Go to

From everyone here at George & Farinas, LLP, thank you so much for your help, time, and consideration! Now, let’s get the letters to Congress rolling in today!


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