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House Bill 1061 Defeated; Asbestos Victims Retain Protections

George & Farinas attorneys and clients again defeated proposed state legislation targeting asbestos victims. House Bill 1061 aimed to extinguish the ability of someone suffering from mesothelioma and other diseases caused from exposure to asbestos to sue a manufacturer if more than 10 years had passed since the victim’s first exposure to asbestos.  Some of these cancers take decades to develop, creating an impossible standard to meet.  In addition, HB 1061 proposed unreasonable delays and restrictions on those fighting asbestos diseases and their families to bring their cases to court.  George & Farinas Partner, Kathy Farinas, successfully presented the reasons why the impact of HB 1061 would only act to punish asbestos victims who have suffered enough.  While HB 1061 passed the House of Representatives, it was never voted out of committee in the Senate during the 2018 Session.

George & Farinas would like to thank the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association for their assistance and our legislators on both sides of the aisle for taking time to listen to our concerns about this Bill.  Finally, thank you to our brave clients who stood with us in front of the House and Senate to ensure that their voices, and the voices of all our clients, were heard.