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Partner with George & Farinas to Urge the FDA to Prioritize Public Health

At George & Farinas, we exist to protect consumers from unsafe and potentially deadly products. As a result, we stand with those who are urging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to implement stronger testing methods for detecting asbestos in cosmetic products.

Towards this end, the FDA is holding a public meeting on February 4, 2020 to discuss testing methods for asbestos in talcum powder and other similar products. You can let your voice be heard by signing our petition that implores the FDA to prioritize public health above all else.

To sign our petition, please visit the following website:

Thank you for standing up for public health alongside our team. If you have any questions, please contact George & Farinas. Our team of Indiana asbestos attorneys are ready to answer any questions you might have regarding this important issue.

George & Farinas is a compassionate, experienced law firm of fierce advocates dedicated to protecting workers rights and dignity of those diagnosed with an asbestos cancer. We have decades of experience and a proven track record of helping injured clients and their families obtain recoveries for their losses.