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The Cost of Corporate Immunity

Instead of working to protect the citizens of this country, some politicians are using Covid-19 as an excuse to immunize negligent companies for their role in helping to spread the virus.

Click here to read one personal story about the cost of such legal immunities in a New York Times opinion piece.

Highlights of the NYT Piece

The author of the opinion piece is an attorney who lost his mother to Covid-19. The nursing home his mother lived in was woefully underprepared for a pandemic, despite the swine and bird flus of recent years. While the author himself has not yet decided whether he will take legal action against his mother’s nursing home, he emphasizes that every family should have the option.

Sadly, lawmakers and politicians are already shifting the blame away from themselves and corporations and towards trial lawyers and litigation. Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnel, has already started drafting legislation to protect nursing homes from lawsuits, and he calls the disease:

The biggest trial lawyer bonanza in history.”

The American Association for Justice, a group with the mission to preserve access to civil justice for all Americans, opposes McConnel’s efforts, but for the author, who is also the president-elect of this organization, the opposition goes deeper.

Many nursing homes across the country put profits over patients, and many facilities did, in fact, fail to protect residents, nurses, and caregivers. Without the potential for legal accountability, companies of all varieties may be less motivated to take Covid-19-related precautions. As an example, the author mentions two businesses in Utah that told staff to ignore quarantine-related guidelines after state legislators passed a bill granting Covid-19 immunity.

After citing this revealing story, the author gets more personal and describes his mother’s 10-person funeral, during which he could not even hold his grieving siblings.

This is what death and mourning looks like in Covid-19 America,” he says, “It is a cruel irony that industries that sickened or killed thousands of people because of lack of protection are now demanding it from Congress.”

Do You Need to Hold a Nursing Home Accountable?

As the legal landscape surround Covid-19 continues to develop, George & Farinas, LLP is proud to offer free consultations. We handle cases of wrongful death, and our attorneys are willing to discuss your situation with you, free of charge. Even if you’re not ready to file suit, you should know your legal options, especially when they are at risk of being taken away.

Once again, we encourage you to read the NYT article in full, and please call us at (855) 641-7406 or contact us online if you have any legal questions or concerns.


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