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History & Background

During World War II, approximately 4,500,000 men and women worked in shipyard occupations that could have potentially exposed them to asbestos. In 1943, about one in 500 shipyard workers was employed as an asbestos insulator. Other shipyard jobs that placed employees in direct contact with asbestos included: shipfitters, machinists, pipefitters, electricians, boilermakers and painters.

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How Were Shipyard Workers Exposed?

The U.S. Navy employed the use of asbestos until the 1970s when it was discovered to pose serious health threats. Before it was banned, asbestos was found to be a helpful substance for preventing corrosion in areas exposed to high temperatures.

For example, asbestos was commonly used as insulation, pipe covering, and adhesive in places like boiler rooms, engine rooms, and even sleeping quarters. Asbestos was present throughout the entire boat—it was even mixed in with the paint that covered the ship. Because asbestos was almost everywhere, all of its crew members as well as individuals involved in the shipbuilding industry were put at risk.

When microscopic asbestos fibers are disturbed and become airborne, they become more dangerous, as workers can unknowingly inhale them. The fibers become trapped in the lining surrounding the lungs. Those who worked in shipyards between World War II and the Vietnam War—at the height of the asbestos era—were likely all exposed. Symptoms of Mesothelioma may not apear until 10-50 years after exposure.

A number of shipyards across the United States have shown to have extensive histories of asbestos exposure. Some include:

  • Boston Naval Shipyard
  • Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
  • Brooklyn Navy Yard
  • Long Beach Naval Shipyard
  • California Naval Shipyard
  • Newport Naval Yard
  • Charleston Naval Shipyard
  • San Diego Naval Shipyard
  • Fore River Shipyard
  • San Francisco Dry Dock
  • General Dynamics
  • Washington Navy Yard
  • Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Shipyard Workers & Asbestos Diseases

Even those that have not worked in a shipyard in over 60 years may be only now developing mesothelioma. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer and believe it may be related to your work in a shipyard, please speak with an attorney from the firm so that we can help you pursue compensation.

Our firm has helped many families that have suffered the terrible consequences of a family member having been exposed to this dangerous and deadly substance. The catastrophic results of exposure to it make pursuing compensation a real necessity.

Due to the fact that many mesothelioma cases are a result of exposure that occurred many years ago, it is important that you hire an attorney who understands how to process a claim and gain access to the funds available for victims of exposure. The wide use of asbestos on ships has made shipyard workers likely to develop mesothelioma.

If you ever worked in a shipyard as a shipwright, pipe handler, boiler worker, carpenter, engine room mechanic, welder, or in any other capacity, contact us today so that your case can be reviewed.

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